Family Law

Family Law

Attorneys to help with family legal issuesFamily law has its own emotional and legal hurdles to overcome.  Dealing with your ex, figuring out where you are going to live, fighting over the kids, all this can be very stressful. Additionally you’ve got to determine what your rights are, who has what obligations, and how to navigate the court system. While we can’t make your ex be a better person, we can help reduce the stress in the other areas.


To start, it’s important to understand that family law is very complex, but yet is flexible to fit each unique situation. Among other things, you need to know the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce, the different types of custody for children, what your rights are when it comes to visitation, what your obligations are when it comes to child support, and the different classifications of “father” surrounding paternity and legitimation.


Understand that the information we provide here is general in nature. When you meet with us, we’ll develop a game plan to address the specifics of your family law needs.

Children: Custody / Support / Visitation




Fathers: Paternity / Legitimation