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Scott Fitzgerald-Stated “Show me a hero and I will show you a tragedy.”  That was me before contacting Attorney Carson Walden Law firm.  [I was a] hero to relatives and friends, but asking for reimbursement of financial assistance offered to relatives and friends was a tragedy, on top of all else I was laid off from my government job of 25 years for medical reasons.  My creditors became vicious, relentless, repossessed my auto, unable to get a nights rest, started stalking my residence.  I [called] Attorney Walden, explained my situation.  He did not coerce me into coming to his office, but he was the only one who stated he would like to help me and he did. With his assistance and the administrative assistant Jessica, my car was returned-two day[s] later and I could sleep peacefully each night.  It would be a pity to allow yourself to suffer needlessly when help is available at your request.

Charles G.
Bankruptcy Client